Stop being used



Zaheer Bhatti

NATIONS all over the world must yearn to build on what unites them and not what divides them, learn to co-exist on the basis of sovereign equality in the true spirit of the UN Charter, and they could so only if they stop using and exploiting each other. Both Pakistan and India are atomic powers and potentially emerging economies, and it is only obvious that the US in dismembering the Soviet Union did not bargain to create other genies, but as nature would have it China is already one in the region fast developing to challenge the American sole super-power status and the Zionist expansionist design. America’s independent intelligence Arm the CIA, would no doubt prey on weaknesses in both India and Pakistan and use them to its advantage.
CIA and Mossad appear to have partly succeeded in using RAW to warm a war theatre and try to test the Pakistani resolve in the face of continued pressure being brought upon it on the pretext of a series of deliberately timed self-staged acts of terror such as on the Delhi Parliament, Mumbai, Pathankot and the Uri attacks. Hats off to Pakistani civil and military leadership, in refusing to be instigated and drawn in a manner as to provide an excuse to the world to justify possible Indian adventurism it now finds increasingly difficult to undertake against a nuclear armed neighbor, barring its nervous threats every now and then such as the recent one by its Army Chief against Pakistan and China. Both China and Pakistan need to follow it up with aggressive diplomacy around the world to expose the CIA agenda and its exploitation of Indian ambitions.
In this sinister alien plan, there is a lesson to be learnt both by Pakistan and India. Pakistani leadership must realize that Pakistan today has to post-haste erase the unjustified stigma of being exporter of terrorism despite being its worst victim itself. And India while pumping money, armament and infiltrating State saboteurs in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas, Balochistan and Karachi using Afghanistan, must understand that the Zionist support prompting India into a war cry was also part of its grand design to keep the region destabilized by pitching it against Pakistan while concurrently egging it on against the emerging Chinese economic and military power, which it considers the actual threat to the imperial exploitative agenda. India has a lot at stake in trade with the Chinese if not Pakistan. American campaign in Afghanistan is no coincidence which has brazenly undermined the independence of a nation having disarmed itself contrary to its tradition just on the command of their Ameer and abandoned their centuries old only cash crop of poppy and heaved a sigh of relief on internal peace and security. While Afghanistan must also see through the Zionist plan to keep it burning through the Indian mask and induction of mercenary IS, it must look to an Afghan-owned Afghan-led peace as followers of the Islamic faith and stop being used by pretending well-wishers.
They must introspect how a non-believing nation which unleashes worst atrocities upon its own Muslim population can be friends of Muslim Afghanistan; so should Iran and Saudi Arabia that are allowing themselves, to be used by India and the US respectively rather than sort them out through fraternal mediation. Trump has just translated his Riyadh threat to Iran with suicide bombings in Tehran through its brainchild IS. Why do Islamic nations not learn from Pakistan which continues to be on the receiving end despite decades long blindfolded compliance to imperial edicts?
It is most disconcerting that almost the entire so-called civilized world seems to acquiesce to economic expediency and shy away from their moral responsibility to stand up against use of brute force by India particularly in its occupied part of Kashmir mirrored by palate guns against stone pelting unarmed young Kashmiri men and women using them as human shield, committing custodial killings in fake encounters and yet managing to divert world attention from its own appalling human rights abuses. The UN and its Security Council should also stop being used by the US, India and Israel in acting blind to grave violations in Kashmir and Palestine, and instead passing Resolutions outlawing leading welfare organizations in Pakistan without bothering to require any substantiated evidence in support of this extreme step impinging upon the credibility of a sovereign Islamic State. It has applied sanctions upon other Muslim States in much the same manner in the past and bothered little to review its discriminatory approach to world issues.
Where is the justification for military campaigns by the US and its cronies in Countries or States all of which are Muslims engaged in fighting for freedom, engineered rebellion or foreign sponsored terrorism where innocent civilians were being indiscriminately mimed without remorse? Is this not patent State terrorism, and why then should shoes not be hurled upon the power-drunk world leadership symbolizing universal hatred over its policies of coercion and terror upon smaller nations? India trying to ape the genie in its pursuit of big power status by refusing to comprehend the magnitude of the uprising in Kashmir warned about by its own leadership and instead testing Pakistan’s response, must watch out against such ignominy as should Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and above all Saudi Arabia the custodians of the House of God, who must review their expedient roles and look to themselves and providence rather than their demi-gods on earth.
The powers that be in Pakistan must extricate themselves from their meek posture and ungrateful role while dealing with India and the US, and instead focus on defending the country’s frontiers and strategic assets besides building on its own resources rather than becoming perpetual hostage to the ever-strangling begging bowl. In doing so, Pakistan will need to wake up and surgically remove the cancer of corruption and terrorism it has allowed to brew. Operations like ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ and ‘Radd-ul-fasaad’ will only succeed with total commitment from top to bottom in order to cleanse the society and galvanize the unity of its people. This is only how you can expect the outside world to respect and respond to you or else you will continue to be used and exploited.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.
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