Speed-breaker technology..!


YOU’RE zooming down the highway rapidly. The car you are driving is the latest marvel in Indian technology. The road you are driving on has been built for speed and is on part with those abroad. “What advancement. What progress.”
You say to yourself with a satisfied purr in your voice and then scream with horror as you car is virtually lifted off the ground, plummets into the air like a helpless wounded bird and then crashes onto the ground with a shudder.
You have just been hit by a speed breaker. In our country, you don’t hit speed breakers, they hit you. Not for a moment did you imagine that your latest machine riding on the latest highway would be pounced upon by this monster. And a monster it is. Flyovers and bridges have started gracing the Indian roadways, majestic in their looks and mightily useful as they virtually carry you to your destination, but at every conceivable spot rises the ugly speed breaker, built clumsily and inexpertly.
Who is it that is responsible for this terrible and barbaric statement? Those that stand in the way of progress. Instead of spending time and money educating the public on how to cross a road. Instead of setting up strict enforcement agencies to monitor speed, they break the very thought that went into the construction of good roads and flyovers. A speed breaker is put up, and progress is given a full stop.
Drive down one of our roads today and I can bet my last rupee, that you will be shocked to see more pedestrians on the roads, than motorists. Who were these roads built for in the first place and for whom were these speed breakers built?
For the pedestrian of course. Which means that the man behind the wheel, who has progressed, is controlled by the man on the street. And the same lies true in other walks of life too.
Technology beams a hundred different channels into your TV set. You are suddenly given the power to choose what you want to see. But a pedestrian sitting in the capital on a ministerial chair, suddenly doesn’t deem it fit for you to watch a fashion show. “Not for our innocent Indian eyes,” he or she screams, and a speed breaker has been built.
Internet a worldwide revolution is getting a speed breaker in India. When all the world suddenly has knowledge at its feet, we start putting impositions on it.
Censor this, censor that! May be we will be entered in some world record book as the first builder of the Internet Speed breaker. There is no doubt that the pedestrians of our nation are doing their job in right earnest … Building speed breakers on paths of progress..!
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