Speaker’s role


Javaid Bashir

Speakership is an exalted position in the Parliamentary System. Democratic norms, traditions and customs demand him / her to be impartial, neutral and fair in his conduct and decisions. After the election once he / takes the oath of the office he becomes the Speaker of the entire House and says adieu to partisan or political leanings and affiliations.
Most of the time Speaker acts as a post office for passing on the matters to the concerned authorities. He must act impartially at all times. The references were filed by different political parties / MNAs against Imran Kha, Jahangir Tareen and Nawaz Sharif. In a surprising manner Mr. Ayaz Sadiq sent the reference against Imran Khan to the Election Commission, but rejected the reference against Nawaz Sharif filed by Sheikh Rashid, for want of sufficient evidence. It was not his prerogative to assess whether the evidence was sufficient or not. In his judgement the reference filed by PML(N) was without blemish. His decision fully proves that he acted in the most partial manner. Sheikh Rashid has rightly criticized his decision. Ayaz Sadiq ‘s conduct as the Speaker has become controversial by his own doings. The decision will remain a black stain on his record.
The Speaker in his infinite wisdom rejected the reference filed against Mahmood Achakzai, whose speech evoked sentiments against the country and he would have been liable for sedition if it was not made on the Assembly’s floor. Additional Secretary of ECP has said references against Imran Khan, Jahangir Tareen and Mahmood Achakzai have been received by the Commission. And it will decide within the stipulated period in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.
In the reference against the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Sheikh Rashid has filed evidence disclosing that PM has concealed his income in the returns filed by him. This was sufficient reason for his disqualification. Instead of following the democratic norms, the Speaker has preferred to follow his own whims.
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