SOPs to discourage higher education


Sakhi Sarwar

Islamic Republic of Pakistan gifted with talented people capable of steering the country to extra heights of progress and prosperity but at the same time there is no dearth of anti-social, evil-genius, misanthropists shaking the very foundation of the human culture and traits and pushing back the country into darkness of ignorance by sabotaging the initiatives of our talent to get higher education and to contribute in the strengthen the intellectual base of the nation. I recently came across a novel SOP reflective of the genius (rather, evil-genius) of some ‘brain’ influencing upon or coining the policies of the Federal Directorate of Education, mandated to promote education and intellectual upbringing of the nation. If some one from the teaching Faculty, administratively working under the Federal Directorate of Education, wants to improve his/her qualification and pursue a higher degree programme, he/she has to get NOC from the Directorate (it sounds logical and reasonable). Having been posted in Islamabad, if he is getting admission in some far off University in the country (say Punjab University, Peshawar University, or even Quaid e Azam or Islamic University), he would not be easily spared; he may, however, be allowed an NOC to get admission provided he submits an affidavit / undertaking on a Stamp Paper on oath, that he will be present all the time in his parent institution, continue to work dedicatedly, will attend all functions and meetings and will take all his classes so that his students ‘may not suffer’. Then he will be allowed to pursue higher studies and get admission in some higher MS, M.Phil or Ph.D Programme. What an illogical and stupid SOP. If you point it out that this is not practical, as how one can concentrate upon one’s own studies while sailing in two boats, you will get a ready answer, ‘don’t worry, it is just a formality and face saving on the part of the Directorate’. What a logic to make an undertaking on oath, only to violate its sanctity!