My son deserved punishment, says Rabada’s father

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Soutjh African pace bowler Kagiso Rabada’s doctor dad Mpho Rabada has been following the ongoing 3rd Test match between England and South Africa at the Oval, where England’s Ben Stokes registered a hundred in the first innings.
Interestingly, Doctor’s son abused Stokes in the first Test and had to face one Test suspension in the second Test played at the Nottingham recently. Speaking exclusively from South Africa, Dr. Mpho Rabada said, “my son deserved the punishment. Rules are rules after all. And despite that it (abusing) is widespread, not a good part of the game. Rules should be applied consistently and to everyone”.
“No one is immune and as such-I suppose that this is a cosmopolitan standard which is applied consistently”.
“This is the extreme type of Chirping. My son is competitive but also acknoledges when he is defeated including saying that a particular player was just too good on the day”.
“The suspension was good enough and will remind him not to react to the batsman whispering a word or two to him. He is not aggressive but affirmative”, the senior Rabada signed off.

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