Solar energy


It is good to note that the Punjab Government is utilising all sources for power generation such as hydel, thermal, gas, coal, solar, wind power to not only meet its own requirements but also making substantial contribution to the national grid through completion of more and more power generation plants in different parts of the province. It is an established bitter fact that large number of schools particularly in the southern region of the province are either do not have electricity facility or are somewhat inadequately electrified due to their distant location in the rural areas from each other due to electricity wires not passing through nearby to these schools.
According to the reports, the provincial government has taken quite commendable decision to use the solar energy technology for brightening of over 20 thousand government schools preferably in the rural areas of the province through provision of solar panels.
Furthermore, under a pilot project initially 50 government offices have been powered through Solar System, 400 megawatt has since been added to the national grid through 1000 megawatt Solar Power Plant at Quaid-i-Azam Solar Par, Bahawalpur. Provincial Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif who is constantly reviewing progress regarding Ujala Programme and has directed to the authorities concerned that the programme in the first phase will be launched in the districts in southern Punjab region and more than 10 thousand schools will be provided solar panels to electrify the schools as well as the rural areas.
This provision of solar panels, as quite rightly stated by the Chief Minister, will greatly help in improving educational environment and this huge investment of billions of rupees for educating the youth is quite purposeful and beneficial investment which the provincial government is going to make through the revolutionary step for promotion of education in the province. Launching of the innovative Ujala Programme and undertaking various measures to utilize solar energy purposefully is quite appreciable and yet another positive step being taken by the provincial government to provide basic and essential facilities to the people. Thanks.

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