Social media implications


Syed Ghayas Kaleem

Social media is a modern communication tool massively used for interaction among people all over the world. It has lots of benefits; it not only connects the people who are thousands of miles away, but increases business as well all over the world. Social networking provides the opportunity to learn about their consumers’ needs, and then answers quickly and offers creative and effective ways to obtain insights not previously available. Additionally, social networking has moved from the fringes, become more mainstream and started influencing culture.
Even though cross-cultural differences may exist and have an impact on the way people use social networking, at the end of the day it is all about being connected to each other and sharing information. Stating all this, one must consider the negativity social media offers in our country; especially our youth use social media for leisure mainly. Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and many other applications are in use extensively to kill their time which can be used for their studies, it has pulled off youth from physical activity thus hamper not only physical health but mental health too. So it is need of time that we all be aware of pros and cons of this tool. Responsibility lies on parents, schools and government also to contain this mania and save the upcoming generation from its harmful effects.
— Karachi