So shall you reap!


We live in a society where nobody is ready to shoulder his/her responsibilities even no one is ready to hold himself responsible for any misconduct. From a barber to a hi-fi businessman, everyone passes over his/her responsibility to others. While buying milk from the city’s famous dairy shop, I happened to observe the milkman with long beard who was adulterating water prolifically into milk and was lambasting government for not doing her job sincerely. So, is it because of government only?
Next, I happened to be at barber’s saloon, where he (barber) and two of his customers were engrossed in castigating government for their corruption while at the same time, the barber himself was charging 30 rupees extra for disposable razor which actually costs 20 rupees. So, is it because of government only?
Then, I was on my excursion to Hyderabad by van, the van driver and passengers were having a harsh discourse on account of sudden increase in fare. While van driver and conductor both putting the whole responsibility on government which raised the prices. Two days ago the fare was 100 rupees which increased to 130, but the petrol prices were raised to 10 rupees the other day. It was really less astounding to take 130 instead of 110 but, I was appalled when I marked the van stopped at CNG station to get its all 2 heavy cylinders filled. So, is it because of government only?
Then, it was my friend who was called at private firm for the job and I went along with him where interviewer was making the government an object of ridicule for its irregularities in every department and for concocted statements by the Ministers. After the interview was taken, we were asked to be back and my friend was told his salary 20,000 but when he started working, he was given only 18,000. When he approached back to his boss, the boss was sorry and saying it is our policy not to give 20,000 directly to an employ who is not confirmed yet. So, is it because of government only?
Mirpurkhas, Sindh