Slaughter of women


Despite a plethora of laws, including the Pakistan Penal Code, the crime in all its forms and manifestations, be it rape, abduction or killing in the name of draconian tradition of Karo-Kari, against women is on the rise. It is reported that three ill-fated daughters of Jeejal Sindh have fallen victim of the rural-feudal fuelled-terrorism only in 24 hours.
Reports reveal that Ms Arti Mahraj was abducted in Gambat, Ms Rukhsana Chandio was killed in Larkano, home district of Bhuttos and the incumbent Home Minister of Sindh and Ms Tanya Khaskheli was ruthlessly butchered in Jhaghara Bajhara, Sehwan, in the home constituency of Chief Minister, Sindh.
No law and order in the rural areas. Motorbike snatching and dacoit activities have alarmingly increased during the last two days in Dokri and Bakrani Talukas respectively. All high ups of Sindh – police and politicians alike – only meant for Karachi and they do not see Sindh beyond Kathore in Karachi. In this doomsday scenario what I term “kidnap and kill “scenario in the rural areas in Sindh, however, the honourable Chief Justice, High Court of Sindh, is requested to take ‘suo moto’ notice in the said three cases.

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