SkyElectric unveils smart energy system


Staff Reporter


SkyElectric Inc. launched its Smart Energy System in Pakistan at an event recently held in Islamabad. The event was attended by members of the government, energy sector, corporate executives, homeowners, academia, green architects and builders. The CEO started off with a presentation on the energy crisis in the developing world, and why the system was the right building block for a new form of clean power infrastructure. He demonstrated how the Smart Energy System has multiple features which allow it to be the most advanced solar and storage energy system in the global market.
Ashar Aziz, CEO of SkyElectric gave a demonstration of the Smart Energy System, in which the audience was treated to a live interaction with the Smart Energy Console, the heart of the system. The Smart Energy Console is a touch screen interface, which gives insight into system operations. It has built-in 3G chip and WiFi connectivity, which allows the software to relay system information to the SkyElectric Cloud. Technical support personnel in a Network Operations Centre have access to the cloud and can remotely monitor and diagnose faults on the system. Additionally there is an accompanying SkyElectric App, which provides the same level of visibility as the Smart Energy Console.