Short memory leadership


It is indeed a matter of great concern as well as worry that the leadership of world’s number one superpower, USA, is suffering from short memory. China had organized summit of “One Belt One Road” in May 2017 in Beijing in which USA had officially participated with a delegation headed by the Special Assistant to President Donald Trump. Now, somehow, the US leadership has forgotten all about that within a period of less than five months. Out of the blue moon, US Defence Secretary James Mattis has come out with objections to China’s “One Belt One Road “(OBOR) on which multi-billion dollars China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a flagship project between time-tested, all weather trust worthy neighbours China and Pakistan. According to the reports, both China and Pakistan have quite rightly and emphatically strongly rejected the US objections at the appropriate respective level terming these as contradictory and baseless.
Chairman, CPEC Parliamentary Committee Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed has pointed out the short memory of the US leadership saying that the US had officially participated in OBOR summit and now US Defence Secretary has come out with a statement opposing it which ironically echoes toeing of Indian line by Washington. He has further remarked that the opposition to OBOR is a historic mistake of the American Establishment and reflects short-sightedness and forgetfulness of the US leadership.
India is opposed to CPEC right from its being launched and do not let any opportunity go by without trying to thwarting and raising objections in a quite baselessly and rather ridiculously also. It is already an acknowledged and duly recognized and appreciated fact that the multi-billion CPEC project is going to link Gwadar to China’s Xinjiang province through vast network of highways and railways which New Delhi and Washington nexus in a devilish manner is opposing in a sinister manner. But their evil designs are bound to fail miserably as both China and Pakistan are committed and determined to make OBOR and CPEC great success for the betterment, prosperity and progress of their people and also those of the region as well..