Shia-Sunni unity


Syeda Rida

We regularly hear that how the Shia-Sunni split find its roots in the early years of Islam. Too often our TV screens are full of all that created rift, but seldom do we ever see or hear what can bring us together as one people? When you get to the depth of the matter, the things that perhaps divide Shias and Sunnis are very few compared to all that unites us. Our faith, our beliefs, our crux, our practices, even our theological sources are more or the less the same. They why we fail to bury the past and start afresh?
Perhaps that is academics and intellectuals that can shed light on the matter and prescribe a way forward. But the fact remains that we, the Muslims, need to come closer. The sooner the better. Millions have lost life over the centuries, just because they did not belong to the killers’ sect. Surely, we can understand the folly of our differences and prevent millions more losing life. Our leaders, religious and otherwise too, need to come closer, together and preach love instead of hatred, unity instead of division, tolerance instead of extremism. Not only would this help us resolve so many conflicts but also benefit us in Pakistan as a nation. If Seen and Sheen can stand together in alphabets, why not Sunnis and Shias.

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