Shaminda admits being nervous at the bowling action tests


Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Sri Lanka’s 31-year-old right arm fast bowler Shaminda Eranga says he was nervous at the start of his bowling tests but slowly regained the confidence. 
Eranga was in Chennai on Thursday and underwent the bowling tests of his action at the International Cricket Council-accredited Sri Ramachandra Sports Medicine centre. 
Speaking exclusively to this reporter, he said, “honestly speaking I was a bit nervous when I entered into the laboratory but was made comfortable by the staff members and within ten minutes or so, I regained my confidence”. 
“The tests were conducted very nicely and I am optimistic about the favourable results”. 
As earlier reported by this paper, Eranga came with Simon Willis (the High Performance manager at the SLC) on Wednesday night and left for Sri Lanka immediately after the tests on Thursday afternoon. 
Willis was not present in the room at the time of his testing and that may perhaps be ICC practice to not allow the escort in the laboratory at that particular period, though he oversaw the arrangements before the tests began, it is learnt here. 
“I could not count the number of cameras focused at me but they were not less than 8-10”, Eranga said.
Eranga was asked to remove his shirt (so as to have his elbow action visible”. “I bowled about 30 deliveries in front of four people”. 
The results of the tests will be made known to the SLC board and the bowler within 2-3 weeks. 
Before leaving for India on Wednesday, Shamina’s wife Savithree Weerakkody inspired him to do well in India. 
“I wished him from the bottom of my heart though I didn’t tell him in as many words because I didn’t want to be under stress”, the wife, who is a degree holder in University of visual and performing arts, said exclusively. 
“I am not a cricket-fan but always support him. He has been a very hard worker and positive”, she added.