Shahbaz reviews health sector reforms, improvement in healthcare facilities


Salim Ahmed

A high level meeting was held here today with Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif in the chair. The meeting which lasted for three hours took a detailed review of health sector reforms and improvement in the provision of healthcare facilities.
While addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said that improvement in healthcare facilities is his top priority. The fruits of resources provided for the provision of latest healthcare facilities to the people and improvement in the health sector should reach to the common man.
He commended the reforms initiated to improve the capacity of the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, as wonderful steps have been taken by utilizing information technology to improve the core capacity of the department. Effective measures should be adopted to improve the capacity building of all the departments upon such pattern, he added.
He maintained that success is achieved if one has the commitment and the passion to do something as hard work, determination and passions are a key to success and achievement of goals. Therefore, the core capacity of every department would have to be enhanced to improve the service delivery mechanism as well as to transform the organizational culture.
The Chief Minister directed that the pace of reforms should be moved further speedily in Punjab Quality Control Board and DG Health Services. He added that the DG Health Services Department will have to be transformed according to latest needs and requirements to make it the best organization. He said that best, capable and professional human recourse should be inducted and Aids & Hepatitis Control Programmes should be accelerated in an effective manner.
The Chief Minister said that effective strategy has been adopted to eradicate the evil business of substandard and spurious medicines. Similarly, the latest system of purchase, distribution and supply of medicines has been adopted.
The samples of the medicines have been sent to world-famous laboratories for analysis, he added. He vowed to 100 percent free the province from the menace of spurious and substandard medicines. He further said that mobile health units have been providing quality healthcare facilities to the people at their doorsteps in remote hinterlands.
Therefore, a plan has been devised to acquire 100 more mobile health units. The Chief Minister said that CT scan machines are being installed in all the District Headquarters Hospitals of the province; while quality healthcare facilities have been provided to the poor people through Prime Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme.
Meanwhile, the poor patients have been provided free treatment facilities in government and private hospitals through health cards scheme, and this program is successfully continuing in four selected districts.
He told that the scope of Prime Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme is going to be extended to rest of the 32 districts. The meeting reviewed the third party validation report of the program.
Provincial Ministers including Kh Salman Rafique, Kh Imran Nazir, Dr Aisha Ghaus Pasha, Advisor Dr Umer Saif, Chief Secretary, health and finance secretaries, health experts and concerned officials attended the meeting.