Senators urge steps to control price hike; alleviate masses sufferings



Law makers in the Senate on Tuesday called upon the government to take concrete steps for controlling price hike, alleviate poverty and create employment opportunities for poor people in the country. Speaking on an adjournment motion, the members mentioned to various social evils that were only due to poverty and urged the government to more focus on measures that help alleviate poverty from the country.
Senator Azam Swati said the government is yet to fulfill its commitment to provide basic amenities to poor in the country on affordable prices. “Rich in the country evade tax and the government affairs are being run on the tax collected from salaries of the government employees and from poor in the country in the name of sales tax and other taxes”, he said.
He claimed that commodities, edibles, fruits and vegetables and medicines prices have increased and urged that the government should reconsider its priorities to benefit the poor. He said if the government employees are benefited from increase in salaries, this impact is nullified by price hike and end of the day, the employees are left with no money to improve their living standard.
Swati claimed that one thirds of the total population is living below the poverty line and sincere efforts were needed to ameliorate their lot. Senator Sirajul Haq said the private sector violate the government’s decisions made in the budget regarding monthly salary of the employees.
“Poor in the country are leading miserable life and the state is yet to ensure education, health and employment facilities”, he said. He said every fourth person in the country is suffering from depression and problems like terror, poverty and insecurity are ruining the mental health of our nation.
Senator Ateeq Sheikh said the government could not effectively move against the business cartels as rich and capitalists are fleecing either poor farmers or small businessmen and salaries class.
He said the divide between the rich and the poor is widening and those falling below the poverty line would be forced to snatching, grabbing and robbery. He demanded effective steps to protect rights of consumers who are always a victim to exploitive ambitions of the capitalists.
Senator Jehanzeb Jamaldini called for enhancing production, curbing corruption and fully utilize natural resources in the country for socio-economic uplift of the people.
He said over the decades the politicians and the policy makers have been clamoring for the rights of the poor and every time when any party comes into powers it forgets its commitment to the poor. “And it is happening over the last seven decades and the time has come that concrete steps be taken instead of sheer lip servicing”.—APP