Selfie deaths

India has been hit by different types of preventable deaths. Now, a new phenomenon has choked the country: “selfie deaths”. In the years, 2014-2016, the country has had the dubious distinction of topping the list in selfie-related deaths. We accounted for sixty per cent of all global selfie deaths. “Selfitis” or “selfie mania”, as one would like to term the selfie craze, has snuffed bright young lives.
Inarguably, places of tourist attractions are the favourites for these. All selfie obsessed men and women are obviously eying a “milestone” or “appreciation” from their “likers” on social media. The ingrained inclination to bask in their “glorious moments” has further emboldened the selfie maniacs.
Many who lose life are obviously “experienced selfie takers” who desire to add another feather or two to their cap forgetting they are jeopardising their life. Psychologists have said that the selfie lovers are preoccupied more with their “mirror image” than their usual self-leading to disaster. Registration, counselling and warning boards can go a long way in rooting out this menace, whether or not the people will pay heed to the warnings is another matter. However, the government and the public should act in tandem to put an end to the hazardous “selfie” past time.
Mumbai, India

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