SECP organizes two-day investor education seminar at COMSATS


Staff Reporter

Islamabad—The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) organized a two-day seminar for faculty members at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology under its initiative of educating current and potential investors.
Khalida Habib, director, Investor Education and International Relations Department at the SECP, explained SECP’s investor education initiative, which is focused on raising financial literacy and transforming Pakistani society from its current primarily consumption-based mindset into one that has established saving and to enable individuals to make informed investment decisions, what the SECP is committed towards doing through disseminating investor education, a statement issued here by the commission on Tuesday said.
Zulfiqar Ali, senior portfolio investment manager at the NBP Fullerton Asset Management Company, gave the audience a comprehensive, step-by-step guide about financial planning and its benefits.
Moreover, he explained the difference between saving and investing, the risks and biases involved in investing.
Zahid Latif Khan, chairman and non-executive director of Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) Towers Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Management Company Ltd, and chairman or CEO of Zahid Latif Khan Securities Pvt. Ltd., made a highly informative presentation about capital markets.
He explained how to invest in stocks and clarified the concept of risk associated with investing.
Salman Haider Sheikh, CEO of Investments at Army Welfare Trust, delineated the subjects of Mutual Funds and the Voluntary Pension Scheme (VPS).