SBS benchmark for masses of South Punjab: CM


Shahbaz opens Speedo Bus Service in Multan

Salim Ahmed


The Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated the Speedo Bus Service in Multan on Thursday. After the inauguration, he took a ride of the bus to examine its service-quality. In the first phase, a total of 100 air-conditioned buses will be run at 11 different routes in Multan, and an e-ticketing system has been introduced for travelling.
Addressing the inaugural ceremony, the Chief Minister congratulated the people of Multan over the launch of speedo bus service there, and said that 100 speedo buses have been provided for the service. The people will travel in an honorable way on metro and speedo buses with a paltry sum of Rs. 25 and the facility for physically challenged passengers has also been provided in these buses. After Lahore, the city of Multan has been blessed with this state-of-the-art public transport system, he added.
Shahbaz said that when the metro bus project was completed in Lahore in 2013, the PTI started feeling unnerved that why a wonderful bus has been made available to the common people in Lahore. A handful of the filthy-rich including debtors and bank defaulters in which names of some of the people from Southern Punjab are also included, were intensely opposing metro bus project.
Niazi Sahib has no regard to public welfare and only personal interest is dear to him. That is why, he opposed national development, he added. If Niazi Sahib had not wasted the precious time with his sit-in, the 1320-MW Sahiwal Coal Power Plant, which has been completed in June 2017, would have been completed in June 2016, and that would have provided great benefit to the country.
He said the journey of development and prosperity initiated by the PML-N government in the Southern Punjab has been unprecedented. The people used to talk about the backwardness of Southern Punjab, but was there any government in the history of the country that adopted practical steps for the development of this area. The credit goes to the PML-N’s Punjab government that has spent resources worth billions of rupees for the development and prosperity of Southern Punjab. As much as Rs. 85 billion have been spent on construction and rehabilitation of farm-to-market rural roads program. Similarly, thousands of kilometres long rural roads have been constructed and repaired, and this initiative has brought new revolution in the rural economy.
He said that a mega program of providing clean drinking water is being started from Southern Punjab and the contracts will be awarded at the end of this year. Despite different obstacles, the clean drinking water program is being started from 55 tehsils and a colossal sum of Rs. 24 billion has been allocated for this project, this year. He said that Information Technology University project will be completed in Rahim Yar Khan this year and on the other hand, work on Khanewal-Lodhran dual carriageway is in progress speedily with a cost of Rs. 23 billion. Meanwhile, the construction of Dera Ghazi Khan-Muzaffargarh Road is also being started soon and Rs. 14 billion will be spent on this project.
He said that it is not a jugglery of words or any fiction story and people can see everything with their own eyes. I don’t request any media-praise but it should definitely project the different steps taken for the development of Southern Punjab to enhance public awareness. He said that hepatitis is spreading rapidly everywhere. The Punjab government has started a revolutionary program to eradicate this disease and hepatitis filter clinics, equipped with latest medical facilities, are being set up in all the districts of the province. He announced immediate establishment of hepatitis filter clinics in Shujaabad and Multan and said that this project will be completed in next four months.
The Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif congratulated the people over the start of speedo bus service in Multan and said that the historic project of metro bus which was inaugurated by the PML-N Quaid Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has become the most conspicuous benchmark of the Southern Punjab. Full attention is being paid to bring Southern Punjab at par with the central Punjab and the metro bus project has been started in Multan after Lahore-Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus service.

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