Save the trees


Munaj Gul Baloch

I want to draw the attention of the Government of Pakistan towards the indifferent attitude towards environment. More than 300 trees have been cut to build the under-construction Islamabad-Rawat Signal-free Corridor. At least 4000 trees have been cut in one year for development projects in Islamabad. In Balochistan more than 12,000 while in Karachi almost 18,000 trees will face the axe in a bid to construct the Orange Line. We do not think about the impact on environment due to cutting of trees. In Pakistan, weather is becoming hotter day by day because of which children are losing charm in summer.
Last year, a severe heat wave struck southern Pakistan in June with temperatures reaching 49 °C. The heat wave killed dozens of people. In Sindh, more than 135 children died last year because of heat-wave. Half of the deaths were reported from Karachi alone. Karachi is the most populous city in Pakistan where people suffer from the heat wave most. Therefore, I request the Government of Pakistan to please clamp a ban on such a practice which is, of course, illegal.
—Via email