Save the journalist


Summaiya Khalid Mufti

Nowadays journalism is a very important part of our lives. It shapes our perception and it influences our thinking process and it also modifies our many psychosocial undertakings. In a society media and journalism serve as one of the main pillars that uplift and mould the society. It’s a sad reality that the independence has a lot of perks associated with it. Firstly there are so many issues a journalist can confront because over here everything has been {over}politicized and journalists are silenced forever. Not very long ago a young journalist got killed by “unknown attackers”. But to be very honest this wasn’t the first incident and certainly was not the last.
Why these attackers are never nabbed also is a blessing from politics as the Police is also politicized to the point that it plays of a servant but not as public servant. But the responsibility doesn’t lies only on the shoulders of police but also on those institutions who hire these journalists to give them the best coverage, to provide them with basic protocol that they need. As a part of an institution it is a sole responsibility of that institution to protect its workers at all costs. If journalism and its independence are to be protected, then the journalist is to be protected. We must save the journalists in order to save the journalism.