Sattar threatens to resign his MNAs, MPAs


Karachi—Irritated and worked up at what he said an unwarranted arrest of MQM opposition leader Khawaja Izharul Hasan Friday afternoon, the leader of the MQM Pakistan Dr Farooq Sattar called the incident as worst kind of insult and harassment to the party, and offered to resign all his parliamentarians at the federal or provincial level in protest.
The Party, acting independently from its principal office in London, has 8 senators, 25 MNAs, and over 50 MPAs in Sindh Assembly.
“ If these people cannot be treated with respect, and cannot be allowed to play their due role as parliamentarians and assembly members, and are continually being subjected to insults and humiliations, I would ask them to better quit their seats. No point remaining in assemblies or parliament now, he remarked