Safe charity awareness campaign’s closing ceremony held


Staff Reporter

IBA Karachi hosted the closing ceremony of ‘Safe charity’ in collaboration with Bargad organisation of youth development. The purpose of this event was to discuss the outcomes of safe charity project, which was initiated to design a safe charity campaign and increase awareness about the fundraising practices in our country. It was a six months project, which aimed at edifying people about how charity should be used and who should it be given to for attaining the maximum benefit for the society.
The social mobilizers were given training for the campaign and they conducted 30 social action plans, which reached to around 2000 community members. These included flyer distribution, signature campaigns, mobile exhibitions through float, information desks, practical demonstrations, walks & rallies, press conference, street theatre and seminar.
The program started with the registration of participants and the recitation of the Holy Quran. Dr. Huma Baqai (Associate Professor, IBA) opened the program by highlighting that, ‘Charity can be dangerous if it falls in wrong hands’. She emphasized that this session was held in Karachi as Karachi is the biggest contributor of charity and donations out of all the cities in Pakistan. She also stressed upon how important it was to build more schools rather than building more mosques as education to the masses in this day and age of troubled times is excruciatingly important as education helps eradicate terrorism..
Students from Suffa University, IOBM, Habib University, NED and Karachi University participates wholeheartedly in this session.
In a discussion, peace workers and a social mobiliser from Bargad shared their experience of working in the field and trying to educate the shop owners about ensuring that their money/charity reaches the right people, who work for the betterment of the society and not radicalization of the youth.
Ms. Sabiha Shaheen, Executive Director Bargad informed the audience that media responded very favourably to this cause and helped extend the message of practicing safe charity. Overall, she deemed this initiative to be a successful one.
Then a panel discussion between panelists: Mr. Mubashar Zaidi, Dawn TV; Mr. Ateeq-ur-Rehman, Member Chamber of Commerce; Professor Dr. Amir Feroz Shamsi, Dr. Najam Anjum Assistant Professor IBA and Ms. Sabiha Shaheen ensued.