Russian diplomats day was indeed a moving event


Salahuddin Haider

RUSSIAN diplomats day, celebrated with a reception by Consul General Oleg Avedeev at the consulate, was indeed a grand show, where importance of the day was highlighted by the host, mood of guests invited to the occasion was light and warm, hospitality excelled in brilliance, and fete was tremendous.
Oleg and his second in command Andrey with a host of consulate staff, and an ever green, charming and smiling Alex with camera in hand to capture the scenes, mixed together to make it memorable.
Among the guests were the Sindh Assembly speaker Agha Sirajuddin Durrani, who has in his veins blood and legacy of a great father, Agha Sadruddin, an eminent man who too was speaker of the Sindh Assembly,the Sindh senior minister, ever smiling Nisar Khuhro, senator Nasreen Jalil, business elite like Kalim Farooqui, Mohammad Farooq Afzal, Pervez Haroon Madraswala, Zia Ispahani, Kader Jaffer, former senator Jam Karam Ali, his extremely courteous son Jam Farouk Ali, Consuls General of France Francoise Dolla’Orso, of Sri Lanka Herath, Malaysia Mohammad Ismail,the acting Saudi consul general of Saudi Arabia Ghamedi, Switzerland, Japan Isomura,Germany Rainer Schmiedchen, the new Bahrieni consul general, coming in place of Ibrahim Hejazi and many more.
In his speech, Oleg said the day required Russian diplomats to be at home with realities of the modern foreign policy, to be able to work with mass media, and to be able to handle issues of world culture and science. It required a wide range of knowledge in various fields. While its methods evolved towards multi-pronged networking, the main task remains the same——to secure favourable external conditions for national development.
He said throughout history, Russian diplomacy has been remarkable due mainly to its innovative approach. Today it is playing significant role at the UN,G-20,APEC, and other world and regional fora, promoting ties and cooperation at different levels.
He felt happy that Pakistan is the country which recently become focus of Russian diplomacy to expand and diversify bilateral cooperation, and his consulate has been assigned to be an important vehicle for making this relationship more profound and enduring. The emphasis is on the future of our ties—which is trade, education, technology, people to people contacts, which will take the bilateral relationship to next levels.
“Today I reaffirm Russia’s commitment to build a very solid relationship with Pakistan which will go beyond traditional spheres to the benefit of the two people.” He said categorically.
He said the Russian diplomats day is being celebrated since 2002, introduced on the 200th anniversary of the foreign ministry.It was established to strengthen Russian foreign service, it di contributed to enhanced prestige of Russian foreign ministry. He said following signing of a decree by President Vladimir Putin, Russian foreign policy and diplomacy, has reached the current stage. Russian has secured an adequate role for itself on modern stage, in the resolution of key international issues, striving for peaceful settlement of conflicts.
The evening was remarkable and hospitality and smiles of Oleg was tremendous.Agha Siraj and Nisar Khuhro paid eloquent tributes to the Russian desire to promote and build strong relationship. Khuhro said that that the role of diplomats is to build ties, which he felt is being done with vigour now.