Road safety authority


Sajid Jamali

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has given nod to setting up of Road Safety Authority in the province on the Sweden model. It is a welcome step as it will help reduce traffic woes of the people and stop happening road accidents. The new Authority is tasked with taking immediate measures with respect to driving licensing system, vehicle fitness system, vehicle registration, traffic engineering and last but not the least database and management system..
The plan to add road safety measures in curriculums is also commendable as it will help create awareness among the masses. Since the issuance of bogus driving licences is rampant and we find record increase in vehicular pollution which has enwreathed the road networks across the province, therefore, the initiative taken by the Chief Minister is certainly big not in terms of cost or size but with regard to road safety and preservation of environment. It is hoped that the government will remain sincere in its efforts to preserve not only the environment but also life of the people.