RIP, student Anitha


It is heartbreaking to read news that Anitha, a class 12 student from Tamil Nadu, has committed suicide over the NEET [National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test] imbroglio that had shattered her dream of joining the MBBS course.
The fact that the girl who had even fought against NEET in the court had to end her life like this has not only shattered the heart of everyone but also won the hearts of all. There are many pent-up feelings, pent-up frustrations and factors behind the sad incident.
In fact the systematic failure and the so-called administrative failure have taken the precious life of Anitha. The factors like fierce competition, exorbitant fee, inequality and above all errant system/administrative failure have long been adding to the mess facing our education system. Knowledge is knowledge! And it is not that necessary to observe the skill and talent of the students beyond certain levels. After all, it is their budding stage. One step towards enhancing the knowledge is quite enough.
First of all, the Tamil Nadu government in India should do something serious in the NEET issue and ensure that the dreams of the students like Anitha will not get shattered anymore. The media should play a responsible role in this regard. RIP, ANITHA …with tears! The entire country of India misses the brilliant student Anitha.
Maharashtra, India