Revival of film industry


MINISTER of State for Information and Broadcasting Maryam Aurangzeb informed National Assembly on Friday that the Government was focusing on efforts to revive the film industry. The Minister, however, did not elaborate on measures aimed at realizing the cherished objective but added that there was no official ban on screening of the Indian movies in Pakistan under a 2007 decision, which is being implemented by the incumbent government as well.
The once thriving Pakistani film industry is almost dead but it is all the more unfortunate that no worthwhile effort is at hand to revive it despite repeated claims by leaders of the successive governments. The downfall of the industry has been attributed to many factors but we believe that only lack of vision and will on the part of the Government and disinterest on the part of the industry to modernize itself and respond to the needs of the time are to be blamed as, otherwise, film industry in other countries including India is flourishing, retaining not only interest of domestic viewers but also in different parts of the globe. It is because of this lack of interest that we are producing just a few films per year as compared to over two hundred during peak time and the number of cinemas too has come down from 700 to just 100 despite the fact that people always need entertainment. The federal and provincial governments should hold intensive consultations with all stakeholders to identify reasons and factors responsible for the current sorry state of affairs and come out with a comprehensive policy that leads to revival of the industry. The policy should take care of necessary incentives that should encourage entrepreneurs to invest in somewhat capital-intensive venture of film-making.