Revival of art film!


Javaid Bashir

Due to the lack of patronage and support by the government, the making of Art Films was discontinued. Despite the efforts of Film Producers and Directors, the Art could not be promoted. Art Films win acclaim and admiration in Film Festivals, and appreciated by the viewers who are specifically interested in such movies. It is extremely important that the government should encourage filmmakers to produce Art Films. Making of Films or movies is an Art. For sometime the Art movies were considered the best form of Art that had a message for character building and intellectual growth of the audience. But later, the filmmaking was transformed into business ventures like other businesses. Commercialism consumed the Art Films.
Today’s filmmakers do not make movies to promote Art; they rather make them for profit. They say we make what the audience like? The standards of success have changed with the passage of times. I think viewers are not that dumb. It is the production houses and the mindset that are involved in the movie making controls what to dish out? More over mafia that rules the film industry dictates the type of movies they want to exhibit. Audience and viewer do not count in this equation. The man who provides finances controls the Film making business. They do not have any aesthetic sense or necessary know-how of the filmmaking. Money makes the mare go. Financiers control all the aspects of the Film Making from casting, story lines, dialogues, fight scenes and eve the rape scenes.
They produce formula films that are usually commercially successful. The box office hits or hot and spicy movies. In the pat many producers made movies, which measured up to the definition of Art Film. But these movies did not even pay back their investment and production cost. These movies were not commercially successful or Box Office Hits. Therefore, today every producer thinks that the Art Film is a business of loss. Even then the die-hard fans and lovers of Art want to see Art Movies, however, small number of them may be. A country like India can afford to make Art Films because of its market size. But in Pakistan most of the Art films could not do business to survive. Art films are in vogue all over the world and this Art has survived in developed countries.
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