Reopening of Torkham border demanded


Nasib Shah Shinwari


Political party leaders, Custom clearance agents, Traders and transporters hold a protest demonstration in Landikotal on Saturday against the closure of Pak-Afghan border and demanded the regimes in Islamabad and Kabul to settle the issues though table talks.
On the call of all custom clearance agents of Torkham, a large number of custom agents, traders, transporters and political party leaders gathered at Landiktoal bazaar and hold protest demonstration demanding the immediate reopening of Torkham border.
The chairman of Torkham custom clearance agents Mairaj uddin Shinwari, President of PPP Khyber Agency Hazrat Wali Afridi and Murad Hussain the ameer of Jamat-e-Islam Landikotal criticized the FATA parliamentarian for their criminal silence over the Torkham border closure issue.
Mairaj uddin Shinwari said that Torkham border has been closed since 17th February which has suffered the traders, transporters and all common people of Landikotal. He said the people here has no other source of income but all the traders, transporters and shopkeeper depend upon the Torkham border which was a source of income for them and their family.
The speakers urging the FATA parliamentarian said the FATA representatives should take up the issue with the high authorities of the government to reopen the Pak-Afghan border.
The protesters holding banners inscribed with their demands chanted full throat slogans demanding to reopen Pak-Afghan border and asked the both governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan to peacefully settle the disputes through negotiations.