Religious harmony


Madad Ali Sabri

The world seems in the throes of violence today. Thousands of people are being killed, terrorized and threatened in the name of religion. The religious shysters and war-mongers have spread the wave of hatred that has devoured the roots of peace in society. In addition, sectarian violence and intolerant behaviour of people have assumed epidemic proportions today. Unfortunately, today the very word “religion” has become a symbol of terror and fear. In this dismal state of affairs, interfaith harmony is necessarily needed.
In my opinion, through comprehensive and coordinated strategies we can come out with this terrible episode of religious unrest. Firstly, there is an urgent need to organize interfaith conferences and seminars in schools, colleges and universities. Secondly, syllabus taught in our educational institutions should be designed in a way that puts an emphasis on respect for other religions and sects. Thirdly, media should play its role to mould opinion of people regarding the need for interfaith harmony. Fourthly, intelligence agencies should focus on activities of religious scholars and seminaries.
Last but not least, the government should play its part to promote education to change the rigid and stereotype thinking of people. All the communities across the world should stand together and support one another to tackle the menace of extremism and terrorism. It is the only way to promote a unified, safe and peaceful vision of the world.