Reforms in Sindh police


The Sindh High Court ordered that powers of the IG Sindh, Allah Dino Khawaja, would remain unchanged till 3-year of his tenure. A verdict by the court has given required space to Mr Khwaja to reform Sindh police and to de-politicise it. The PPP government is totally against A D Khwaja whose tremendous and honest efforts are meant to improve the condition of Sindh police.
One of the main motives of the brave IG is to run the department based on merit. He drafted a policy to make the police department more people friendly and alive to the needs of prevailing law and order situation in the province. This factor was greatly disliked by the PPP government, which intends to file a petition in the SCP against the reinstatement of IG. But it is a great and appreciative order by the Sindh High Court and it is hoped that petition in the Supreme Court would also be rejected.
Shikarpur, Sindh