Record tax recovery


Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

Abbottabad—Regional Income Tax Office Abbottabad has set national record by showing 47% growth in the recovery of Taxes (Withholding) during the first four months of the current fiscal year and had maintained its top position attained in the financial year 2016 in the country.
Letter of appreciation from the FBR has lauded the efforts of Chief Commissioner RTO Abbottabad Mahmood Aslam where in the withholding taxes; the overall growth was recorded at 76.4% and had asked the chief commissioner RTO Abbottabad to share its strategy towards collection of Taxes and dues from the tax payers under different sections.
FBR has set target of 16% growth in the current fiscal year while it can achieve only 5 to 6% growth against the fixed target of 16% while RTO Abbottabad set record by showing collection of more than 47%.
Regional Tax Office Abbottabad showed unprecedented recovery of Tax Collections during the financial year closed on of June 30,2016 and shared top honour by virtue of recovery growth of 35 % as overall growth shown by other filed formations remain at 20%.