Re-marking of ICT limits


THERE are reports that boundaries of Islamabad, which is spread over 906 square kilometres, are to be re-marked in order to remove confusion regarding its frontiers. According to the plans, six gates would also be installed at entry points into the capital, as there is confusion over the boundary in several areas.
Islamabad is not only national capital but also an international city, therefore, its boundaries should have been clearly marked and rules framed to guard against unplanned and haphazard growth. However, we paid scant attention to this aspect and as a result there seems to be total chaos especially in suburban areas where no one knows whether the areas fall within the ICT, Murree, Kahuta, Kotli Sattian, Rawalpindi city, Fateh Jang or Taxila. Confusion even persists about a small area like Golra, where CDA has no jurisdiction. The situation is massively exploited by land mafia and unscrupulous housing societies that have encroached upon the land acquired by CDA for developing residential sectors or for other purposes. There are also serious problems arising out of inter-mingling of the two cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and residents face civic problems due to jurisdictional issues. We believe that before installing gates and re-marking boundaries of the Federal Capital, there should be brain-storming sessions with government of Punjab and district administration Rawalpindi with a view to re-adjusting some areas keeping in view the future growth and requirements of the capital.