Rahul bounces back and fights..!

THERE’S no doubt the mention of Rahul Gandhi, brings about a laugh throughout our nation. I have never been a great fan of Rahul, and have over the years, many a time had a dig at him in my columns. But lately, I’ve been seeing a quality in him, which I’m beginning to admire; the quality of being able to bounce back and fight!
Fighting Modi, is no easy task; the man is a natural bully and loves using every form of fighting, conventional and unconventional, to get at his opponents, but strangely he is providing Rahul, just the correct training to become a leader himself. After all the best way to become strong is to pit muscle against stronger muscle, and Rahul could not have found himself a better coach!
Rahul has youth on his side, Modi can only grow weary with age. Rahul has a family he can get comfort and solace from, whereas a man who has left his wife, has nobody to turn to but an empty house, and those empty walls could well echo words of advice which could just be his own.
It was easier for Rahul, being a leader when the UPA was in power, when all he had to do was show dimpled smile with young maidens swooning to be with him. But today, it is sweat and toil that is needed. And he is not found wanting.
Modi continues ridiculing Rahul. Continues poking fun of him, not realizing, the world gets fed up and begins to feel these theatrical lampooning sessions are from an old man who can’t accept the competitiveness of youth. After all, a man who keeps talking about his fifty-six inch chest, does feel old age creeping onto himself, doesn’t he?
I do not understand why Rahul is still a bachelor, but I find that much better than a man who gets married and then leaves his wife!
How do the women of India tolerate this? Have they ever thought for a moment whether that’s the sort of man they would want to have as a husband? Then how does he fit in as a prime minister of a nation made up of millions and millions of wives?
Like I said, there’s no doubt, the mention of Rahul, brings a laugh throughout our nation, but slowly yet surely the young boy will turn a man, through the constant jibes and blows Modi keeps training on him.
Here’s a lesson for many of us, either in offices or homes, many of us who are dealing with bullies, bouncing back and fighting is the stuff victors are made off, and maybe one day, Congress will have the last laugh..!
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