Radicalisation of students


CHAIRMAN Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has strongly opposed the proposed move to hand over record of Karachi University students to intelligence agencies and the requirement under which they will have to produce character certificates to be obtained from the police station concerned at the time of admission. In a letter to Vice Chancellor of the University, he acknowledged the need to address the issue of extremism and violence in the youth and total review of the curriculum and implementation of Senate’s resolution on restoration of student unions.
No doubt, the move has been necessitated by some stray incidents that hinted presence of radicalised elements at some campuses but we must bear in mind that this is not confined to these institutions. Presence of a few individual of doubtful characters does not, in any way, mean that the universities and institutions of higher learning are full of radicalised elements. Chairman Higher Education Commission Dr Mukhtar has a clearer view of the situation when he says that the problem can be addressed by strict monitoring of unauthorised entries to institutions especially in hostels where only authorised university students should be allowed to enter and live and that HEC is looking to engage students and encourage them to get involved in positive educational activities for personal development. We also endorse views of the Chairman Senate that record of the students should not be handed over to agencies and there should be no requirement of character certificate from Police for admission to an educational institution as this would add to woes of parents and students and open yet another door for corruption. However we would not agree to his suggestion for revival of student unions, as it is one of the fundamental causes of extremism and other malaises at the campuses. Majority of the university, their faculty and students are engaged in educational pursuits and this more true about professional institutions. There are problems in some of the institutions at limited scale and this can be taken care of by the authorities concerned.