R Ashwin ‘ignores’ Dhoni’s support in making him a No. 1 bowler


Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Ravichandran Ashwin’s comments without giving due credit to India’s Mahedra Singh Dhoni, the limited over captain, have not gone down too well with the Ranchi people, who are closely associated with the former Test captain.
On receiving ICC’s two prestigious award last week, the world number one bowler Ashwin thanked his family, Team India, its sup[port staff for his success in his thank-you speech.
Ashwin, on winning Sir Gary Sobers trophy, also thanked Virat Kohli, the Test captain, and Anil Kumble, the coach in a series of tweets.
This is what the few Ranchi people have exclusively said in support of Dhoni.
Chanchal Bhattacharya (Dhoni’s first coach) :- Kohli is a new captain. Log hamesha ugta suraj ko pujte hai (People only worship the rising sun). R. Ashwin has played lot of cricket with Dhoni not only in Tests and ODis’ but also in the IPL (Chennai Super Kings Team) and it was not right on Ashwin’s part to thank Dhoni only once in his speech.
Kajal Das (Dhoni’s another coach) :- R. Ashwin has played lot of cricket under dHONI. Ashwin has established himself in the team under Dhoni and he should have recognised this fact in the speech.
Sanjay Pande (Dhoni’s close friend) :- Not giving enough credit may be Ashwin’s personal view, but the whole world knows how Mahi was supportive to him all these years. In fact Mahi gave him a plkatform to perform. There are lots of people in the team like this but it doesn’t matter.
Chintu Lohani (Dhoni’s close friend) :- I don’t have Ashwin’s number. Otherwise I would surely ask him on this. If he has not thanked him (Dhoni), Dhoni’s value as a cricketer will not diminish,