PTA calls for rescuing leather sector from financial crisis


Salim Ahmed

Lahore—The Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) and Pakistan Customs have agreed to evolve a comprehensive mechanism to release the refunds of the leather exporters, as non-payment of refunds has resulted in falling exports which will widen the trade gap further.
Addressing the meeting of PTA North Zone, Customs Collector Zulfiqar Younas assured the leather exporters of early clearance of their all pending rebate claims. He added that all refund claims of PTA north zone members would be cleared on priority basis, admitting the fact that long delay in refund payment has been inflicting the industry.
The Collector pledged to provide all necessary facilities to the Lahore-based exporters and importers, besides removing hurdles to motivate them to do their business through Lahore Dry Port. During the meeting, Zulfiqar Younas said that Pakistan Customs was introducing the business-friendly policies for encouraging the business community to struggle hard for promotion of exports.
PTA north zone chairman Azam Malik while addressing the meeting, stressed the government to act decisively and rescue the leather industry from financial crisis, as worst ever cash flow crunch has brought the second largest industry to the verge of disaster.