Psychologist advises Sri Lankan players to focus on next ball


Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Dinesh Chandimal-led Sri Lankan team is struggling against Indian players and none of the three Tests saw the fifth day’s play.
No player or coach from the Sri Lankan team has any clue on how Kohli’s men can be grounded.
Jeremy Snape, who worked as a sport psychologist for the Sri Lankan team 2014-2015 including the World Cup, has been following the rent matches and has some solution for the depleted Lanka team.
“Whenever a player or team are facing a tough opponent, they can become fixated on what their rivals will do to them. The best mindset to have is to focus on your own skills, your strengths your attitude as they are within your control”, speaking exclusively Jeremy Snape, the former England cricketer, now sport and business psychologist who has researched ‘the Winning Mindset’ with his company Sporting Edge, said exclusively. .
“The self talk for every athlete should be focused on the next ball, not the end result, consequence or reaction of the media”.
“Test matches are won by staying in the moment, building pressure and winning each ball, it sounds easy but that’s why it’s called Test cricket – it tests your mindset and skills together”, Snape signed off.