PSQCA forms technical body on four wheelers



Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) has formed a new Technical Committee on four wheeler auto vehicles to revise standards in accordance with latest developments.
The Committee, comprising representatives from all stakeholders, has been formed on recommendations of National Standards Committee (NSC) as part of steps being taken by present government to improve quality of locally assembled cars and vehicles according to international standard.
Official sources said PSQCA, a department of Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) has been mandated to check quality of products covered in the Compulsory Certification Marks Scheme.
The quality of products can be established on basis of compliance to the given standards. The sources said the Standard PS: 4845 on Four Wheeler Auto Vehicles once revised, will be recommended for inclusion in mandatory list of PSQCA, adding that after inclusion of PS: 4845 PSQCA will be responsible to check quality of vehicles as per prescribed standards.
The sources said to finalize revision of the standard, meetings of Technical Committee are being held on regular basis. Answering a question, the sources said all car manufacturers are in Private Sector and claim they are following standards of their principles. As such government’s role is to provide a Policy framework to ensure quality of cars being produced by them.
In this regard, the sources said the government has taken initiatives in Automotive Development Policy 2016-21 which included adoption of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulations for Harmonization, compulsory installation of immobilizers in cars and establishment of Pakistan Automotive Institute (PAI) in public private partnership to play a crucial role in assuring quality and safety.
In addition to above, the government has also taken certain initiatives in Automotive Development Policy 2016-21 to address issue of monopolistic environment, especially in small car segment, by attracting new investors/players so that to create competition and automatically force present manufacturers to enhance their quality or introduce new models.
The sources said cars and vehicles presently are not included in Compulsory Certification Marks Scheme. Hence, PSQCA is not in position to check the quality of cars and vehicles. Whereas, PSQCA is mandated to check and certify finished products of Two Wheelers & Three Wheelers auto vehicles as per PS: 4707 & PS: 4708 respectively.
The sources said PSQCA has so far certified 64 Two Wheeler Auto vehicle manufacturers and 26 Three Wheeler Auto vehicle manufacturers. Their product quality is being regularly monitored as per Pakistan Standards and Pakistan Conformity Assessment Rules (2011).
It is mentioned here that PSQCA has developed PS: 4845 for Four Wheeler Automobile/Commercial Vehicles which include Car, Van, Pickup, Jeep, Hi-Roof etc. However, it has not been included in Compulsory Certification Marks Scheme of PSQCA. PSQCA has so far developed 588 Standards on Auto Vehicles and Auto Parts.
On the other hand as per directives of Senate Standing Committee for National Food Security and Research, the sources said PSQCA has initiated process of harmonization of Pakistan Standard on Agricultural Tractor (PS: 789). The Technical Committee in this regard has submitted its final recommendations for consideration/ approval.—APP