Prosecution: Service to nation


Hashim Abro

Syed Ehtesham Qadir, Prosecutor General, Punjab, underlines the need to reform laws for effective and efficient role of the prosecutors adding that, “Prosecution is a service to nation. It is essential to equip with and empower our prosecutors as per international standards to cope with the monster of terrorism and its serious challenges.”
He expressed these views in the certificate awarding ceremony at the conclusion of a one-week training course on “Role of Prosecutors in Quick Disposal of Criminal Cases” for Prosecutors from all over Pakistan including National Accountability Bureau and Pakistan Air Force at the Academy on Saturday.
He said, “We have the whole gamut of legislation but we fail to find any law in which the role of prosecutor has been amplified and galvanised, as it merits. We are living in very challenging times. We have to work with utmost devotion and dedication to fight terrorism. An effective Prosecution Service will be tremendously helpful to deal with the heightened threat of terrorism.

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