Promoting altruism


Hamid Ali NB

There is no denying the fact that on this planet, a great number of people come and almost the same number leaves the world simultaneously. Some of them emerge taller and their names are written with golden words in history while many leave this world unnoticed. The pro-altruism always become part of history while anti-altruism falls in the latter category. Altruism is a term which, among others, refers to a desire of helping others.
There goes a lengthy list of altruists who dedicated their life in the service of humanity and now everybody salutes them with heart and soul. Likes of Abdul Sattar Edhi are the examples. Abdul Sattar Edhi spent his entire life in helping human beings. Countless children, orphans and poor have been helped by him. He donated his eyes which, fulfilling his will, were transplanted into two blind men successfully. He has been the shining symbol of Altruism in Pakistan and history will never forget his contribution. I just want to request all the people whether students, teachers, businessmen, politicians, and whatever they are; let’s promote Altruism and let’s be the number one Altruist in the world.

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