Professionalism versus patriotism


Muhammad Amir Saleem

Going to Bollywood for acting in films, is the greatest wish of some of our actresses and actors, nowadays. It seems that they want rapid jump in their career and, above all, in their fame. They are of the view that getting chance in Indian movies will make them excel in this race with others. In enthusiasm and temptation, they accept all type of scripts and scenes, which may not be in line with our cultural and social values, nor part of our religious teachings. After appearing in few movies in India, some feel it is their professional duty to find fault and despise Pakistani film and drama industry at local and international platforms. No doubt! Our film industry always remained a neglected. Despite no support has ever been extended by the government to improve it ever, it has produced some greatest legendary actors of all time, who had attractive offers from Indian film industry, but they always declined all such offers and preferred Pakistan. The patriotism, determination and diligence allowed Pakistani artists to achieve such a highest place in acting career, in spite of the marginal financial benefits were given by PTV. But, presently, the greed, short-cuts and lack of patriotism have a malign effect on the thinking of some acting performers who do not believe in improving acting skills at all and think otherwise. Another sad element is that the way Indian Army committing atrocities in Indian held Kashmir, and our actors and actresses, are showing sheer apathy in this regard and still busy in completing their film projects in India. Would it not be right to boycott all commitments and to leave India? This might help uncover the gruesome face of Indian Army across the globe. Alas! This did not happen and will not happen because the urge of massive fame and substantial financial gain has sunk all good thinking and deeds into oblivion.
— Islamabad