Prevention is better than cure


Urooj Shahid

The economy of a nation plays a vital role in its development. A stable economy attracts the investors from around the world who are ready to invest and then reap benefits out of it. The key factor on which any economy depends upon is the currency of the nation. The more value a currency has, the more it is demanded in the world. But unfortunately, the currency of India and Pakistan are facing a situation of ambiguity for a few decades. Due to corruption and abundance of fake notes, the Indian government has made a sudden announcement to ban the currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000, which has created a crisis in India these days.
While many dealers are employing different tactics to save their business of black money, the Indian government is also trying their best to keep up the value of their actual currency. Therefore, it is a request that the Government of Pakistan should keep an eye on the current situation and consider every possible measure to secure our nation from the crisis being faced in our neighbouring country.