Prefer students’ aptitude


I was really sad to hear that most of the parents force their children to select the subjects of their parents’ wish. Recently, I came across a student who confided me that he was fond of reading Arts but his parents compelled him to choose Science because it has modernised the world and contains better prospects. Sadly, that young guy wasn’t scoring good marks owing to lack of interest in the subject, while his knowledge in Arts was extraordinary and had no bounds. He is one of examples whose dreams are being crashed out. In fact, we can find hundreds of thousands of children whose dreams remain unfulfilled due to decisions, influenced by social perceptions and parental priorities.
Nobody can question the sincerity of the parents towards the future of their kids, but all their wishful planning and thinking should also match the aptitude and interest of the kids. The children generally surrender to the choice of the parents and continue to remain unfit for the profession they have unwillingly opted for themselves. Can the parents, who out of their wish impose a field of study for their kid, guarantee a bright future for their kid? In this modern and comparative age, this not only increases pressures on children but affects their confidence. It is the responsibility of parents to appreciate the aptitude and ability of their children and support them to choose the subject of their own choice.
Tump, Balochistan