Practice stillness today..!


WHAT is the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning? Most of us, stretch our arms out, not to embrace the day, but towards our cell phones. Instantly, from restful stillness, from gentle quietness, we are not just wide awake, we crave excitement!Who messaged?
Who connected with me on Facebook? Who liked the new pic I put up? The restful bed, wonders what it did wrong? ‘Did I not give her a restful sleep? Didn’t he smile as he dreamt such beautiful dreams? But what’s happened now?’
All, that rest, all that stillness, has disappeared in a moment, because instead of enjoying the beginning of a new day in silence. In thankfulness. We crave excitement. And in it’s not just the morning, our day leaps into this craving. ‘Did the boss smile at me?’ he didn’t? Why?
‘Didn’t she call me?’ Why? From craving, comes disappointment, when our craving is not met. We look at our phone screen. It’s blank. No one even sent a forward. Am I not popular anymore?
Like I said, don’t blame just your phone, it’s our whole attitude towards the pleasurable feeling of excitement. It’s that feeling of pleasure. But pleasure is fleeting. Stillness isn’t.
Practice stillness today. Stop waiting for external things to give you happiness, let happiness envelope you from within. Just being still, a quiet within that makes you peaceful.
Sounds silly? Well more silly is seeking excitement from others. How silly to have lost a whole morning of your life, depressed because someone didn’t respond to your message, when that someone had either fallen asleep or hadn’t seen yours?
Is your life going to be governed by others? When you are still, it’s you who’s in charge. ‘Be still, and know that I am God’ say the scriptures. And if that stillness is a gift that God is giving to us, why do we refuse it with the craving for excitement?
I guess you are waiting for tomorrow morning to practice stillness. I guess you’ve told yourself, tomorrow I won’t grab the phone. Oh no my friend, start now.
Take a deep breath. Still yourself one moment, extending to several, and finally taking over your day. Allowing the world to behave as it will. Not letting others influence your feelings. Ah, what joy, long lasting stillness is! Start now, be still..!
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