PPP engaged in serving people: Shehla


Staff Reporter

The Deputy Speaker of the Sindh Assembly, Shehla Raza has said that Peoples Party, founded by late Z A Bhutto, has been engaged in the Herculean task of serving the people, and providing facilities at their doorsteps.
She spoke at the time of launching the ambulance service in Thatta and Sujawal by party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Friday.Taking advantage of her presence in Thatta, the rural town closest to Karachi, being some 60 miles away, she said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s recent visit to the place was merely to please the Shirazis, the political family which wields considerable influence in the area.
Shehla who is also information secretary of the Sindh PPP, reminded the people that PML(N) had lost 32 of 36 municipal seats in Thatta and 22 of the 26 seats in Sujawal in the recent local bodies elections.
She said that Nawaz Sharif knew that he can not have foothold in Sindh, which is evident from the appointment of an imported Governor of the province. She said that the launching of the ambulance service in the two districts will be expanded to cover greater areas.