Poultry sellers complain of mismatch of prices


Karachi—Chicken sellers at retail-end have complained of high rate from the suppliers and poultry farmers against the rate being fixed by the Karachi Commissioner’s office which puts them in trouble in doing business. The Commissioner and other concerned authorities should bind the suppliers and the farmers to supply chicken at lower price which could match with the official ones at the retail level; leaving a reasonable margin for the retailers, they demanded.
Chicken sellers told APP on Monday, there was a big difference between the two rates: one on which they were getting the poultry supply and that of the government. This mismatch even reached to Rs80kg for meat and Rs30 for live broiler. It became very difficult for them to sell chicken at the official rate against the high price they were paying to the suppliers or poultry farmers who pleaded that they (farmers) could not sell chicken at lower price because of high cost of breeding.
The retailers mentioned that today the rate given by the Commissioner office was Rs195 for meat and Rs126 for live chicken. And, they were selling at 240 and 134 respectively and were hardly earning Rs10 per kilogram. The retailers, while doing their business, always remained afraid of fine or other legal action by the visiting inspection teams of the city administration. On sensing the checking /raid by government officials, they did stop selling chicken and left their counters for the time till they were assured that inspection teams were away.—APP