Poor healthcare in Balochistan


Ateeq Shay Gulab

Balochistan is the richest Province in natural minerals but is backward in all sectors when compared with other Provinces. Poorly developed infrastructure, high poverty level, deplorable security situation and population explosion have made Balochistan vulnerable to a number of issues which attract the attention of the enemies of Pakistan. Certainly, deplorable healthcare is a living problem for the citizens as they are deprived of access to basic healthcare. Most of the hospitals lack proper infrastructures, treatment in time and hygiene problems are the main key to deteriorated healthcare in Province.
There is absence of qualified doctors owing to which the patients’ health condition becomes the worst. The patients are almost forced to pay more to seek better treatment facilities in other cities. The lives of females are at high risk, especially in time of pregnancy as they are denied of getting proper treatment on time, thus, rising the mortality rate. The diseases like diarrhoea, pneumonia and malaria are responsible for 30% child deaths in Balochistan. I request the health authorities to take immediate steps to make the healthcare portfolio responsive to public needs.

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