Poor education system


Sundus Fatima

One thing that has disturbed me greatly is the poor education system. What are the parents paying for? Its so heart rending to see that the day begins travelling to school in over crowded buses, stepping in the school premises with a hope to gain knowledge instead receiving negative remarks in the notebook of a little child who has just stepped into the world of education
I personally feel that it’s about time when parents should get more involved with their child’s education and unite to put a befitting end to such sarcastic personal remarks put on the little one’s notebooks while correction being done .I as one of the mentors and after serving in the same line of education feel that one negative remark or one harsh touch can push your child miles back from learning whereas single encouraging remark like “no problem sweetheart we can do it again and its going to be better next time you are a STAR “ can do wonders . Please get up and say NO to this practice .You are paying your hard earned money for the bright future of your child NOT for a depressed soul, NOT for having no right to meet the teachers apart from the PTMs, NOT for pushing your child to struggle, NOT for discouragements
—Via email