Policy dialogue on charity for goodness


Staff Reporter

The First Policy Dialogue on the Charity for Goodness was organized in a local hotel on Monday. Hosted by Bargad, an organization for youth development, it examined the pressing issue of safe charity and the ways to delink charity with terror financing. Media anchor, academician and Program Director at IBA, Dr. Huma Baqai moderated proceedings of the policy dialogue, which was attended by representatives of civil society, charity organizations, media and universities.
The policy dialogue is part of the project, entitled “Charity for Goodness” that also plans launching an awareness and dissemination campaign in selected markets of two districts of Karachi.
The participants of the policy dialogue recommended that banned organizations should not be allowed to operate and should strictly be monitored by the state. This should not look like a cosmetic measure but the ban should be real.
Renowned journalist Mubashir Zaidi emphasized the need to educate general public and make them aware about significance of safe charity. He said that campaigns have to be launched to provide knowledge of peace-loving religion so that people can give charity to right people. Such efforts should focus on behavioral and mindset changes and promote acceptance and tolerance of others in the society. We are generally a naïve people and easily believe what the religio-political outfits convey us in the name of piety and charity, he added.