Police and government get away scot-free..!


A businessman had been shot dead. The blood-stained corpse lay in the middle of the lavishly decorated sitting room. The dried blood on the face trickling slowly from the bullet hole looked incongruous and out of place against the clear white sheet on which the body lay.
The room that must have been the venue for many a late night party and social gathering, was now filled with horror struck relatives, too dumb founded to believe that their bellowed was dead.
“What did you ever do to receive this?” cried the wife weeping and being held back as she tried to hold on to the body of a man who was the only who could have really comforted her. “How did it happen?” I asked a relative, who looked at me with haggard eyes. “He was closing his shop,” said the relative and “bang, bang, bang, three bullets into his head, that’s all.”
I watched his two children, a boy and a girl, “Papa,” they wailed as they clung onto his feet, “come back.” “His only crime was hard work,” said the relative to me, “his reward was murder.” “The police say he had connections with the underworld,” somebody whispered. “In the language of the police,” said the relative bitterly, “any businessmen doing business in this city successfully has connections with the underworld.”
I nodded and realized how true it was. There was not a man being shot, not a murder being committed, in which the target was not accused of having connections with the underworld. It had become a convincing, convenient cover, behind which the entire police force hid.
I heard the voice of the wailing wife, “My beloved,” she cried, “why did you have to make money. If you had been poor and in rags like when we got married, you would have still been here with me…..” “Papa,” wailed the son and the little daughter, “come back to us. Please come back.” “The threatening calls came every day,” said the relative to me. “In his office, at home, on his mobile. He complained to the police, they wrote it down.”
“Yes,” I said, “they are good at that.” “Tell me,” whispered the relative fiercely in my ear, “When we businessmen do a shoddy job, cases are filed against us, when a doctor allows a life to be lost through negligence, he is taken to court, but when the police and the government fail to do their duty anymore, shouldn’t they also be treated as criminals shirking their duty?”
“Papa,” wailed the children, “My dearest,” wailed their mother, “come back to us…. Oh please come back.” I watched as a government looked on silently, using their police to ban beef and beer…!
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